Air soft Clone not original Leupold


Bruce here, BB2K Air soft Channel. hello and who thinks that now the review comes to the new Umarex HK MP7A1.

he was wrong. Today I’ll show you the Air soft replica of the Leupold D-EVO and LCO Great combination.

With the Red Dot you have close target in the field of vision and the D-Evo you have to hit distances well thanks to 6-fold magnification Are you curious? After the intro, it continues. Have fun The MP7A1 is naked again.

I packed the optics again, because I start all over again. First a big thank you to the company Tactical Xmen. They provided me with this set for a review.

The thanks are really big.In 2018 I had seen the Leup old replicas for the first time.

The wish was there immediately but I had some doubt.I did not order it. The price was a cheap 250USD.In comparison, the original costs 2300 USD! But too expensive for me to just test it. I had a stomachache while maybe just getting scrap. Therefore, I am pleased that I have now got over Tactical X men.

Maybe there are some of you who flirt with it but did not dare either. I hope that after the review you can make your decision. The price is at Tactical Xmen at 230 USD.

With the code “BB2K Air soft” you get 8% discount. Then you are at 220 USD including shipping. The shipping took about 4 weeks. I did not have to pay customs. Maybe in your country as well. So around the 220 USD or 190 Euro and you have it on the table. Let’s start with the delivery.

The whole thing comes here in a plastic box. No cardboard but a nice plastic case. Great thing. On the front you can see an illustration of the D-EVO and the LCO. I think I open the box and show you now the content.

As you can see.There are also the optics in different colors. Red, Dark Earth and Black. I chose black. Black always fits 🙂 I open the box. First of all, I have an operating manual here This is only for the LCO and not for the D-EVO.

Interesting. Nowhere is it written who the manufacturer of the optics is.

That probably has a reason 🙂 Then there is a microfiber cloth And now the view is clear on the optics.Safe and shockproof storage So you do not break the optics during transport.

I’ll show you the LCO now. Later, I’ll tell you later more. Finally, the visual highlight for me. Looks very awesome.

The D-EVO.Below the D-Evo is a tool for attaching the optics. And that’s all you get for your money. I start with the technical data of the LCO. I fade in the data to the right. LCO Leup old Carbine Optic (the name of the real LCO).

The whole looks very high quality. I am very surprised Made of aluminum, good coating and looks frighteningly real 🙂 Just the whole markings and logo make it seem so real.

look at it.Up here the Leup old logo At the side of the lettering On the other side is the type designation LCO And the flag labeled “Designed- Machined Assembled in the USA” In the original, the stars are even more white than in the replica.

At the bottom you will see a QR code,a CE sign and a serial number.The serial number is always the same and not individual. So at first glance it looks very high quality and indistinguishable with the real LCO.

Also the gold mirrored glass can be found on the real Leup old LCO. The replica has a weight of 264g and the real one has 269g. Little difference I continue with the technical data of the D-EVO D-EVO Dual-Enhanced View Optic.

That too feels very heavy and massive. The weight is a bit different. 405g the replica, 391g the genuine Leup old D-EVO. The first impression is really great. The coating looks good.

And here are all logos and markings on it.On the side “Leup old D-EVO” Above the big logo on the “Z” Here also the flag logo All adjustment marks are available On the ground a QR code. I have to say honestly.

I am absolutely excited.That was the technical data. I’ll show you the details and functions. I start with the LCO.

The Leup old Carbine Optic.This name may not be given to the replica!Although the whole looks very good. It looks like the original and that’s cool.

But I think that Leup old does not find that cool. Who knows how long it will stillbe possible to buy this replica? This is not a licensed replica.

No idea who built it.Back to the details.

On the right side you can see the fixing screw Then you will find the battery compartment here A C123A battery is needed. I’ll screw it up once.

Battery is already installed. The lid has a sealing ring so that it is waterproof. Is the LCO really waterproof? I would not give it a try! The real LCO is waterproof, but I would not risk it in this replica.

The front glass is gold mirrored.The back glass is bright violet Ugly reflections of the environment are limited. Not as bad as some cheap copies. Here you can definitely play with. The red dot is also very good.

Show you later. You have to turn on the red dot. And you do that right here.

Press once and it works. The brightness can be adjusted by turning. Lighter to the left and weaker to the right There are 10 light levels in red and green.

I’ll show you the setting options.Above you can adjust the height click wise. high shot turn to the left and low shot to the right. The attitude is good.

Whether it holds a Gas Blow back Air soft. say. With an AEG you certainly have no problems Here you will find the horizontal adjustment.

Also very nice to click.I turn on the red dot and go closer to the camera I hope you can see it. The point looks bigger than it is in nature. It is much smaller and sharper. The camera does not show it right. I’ll show you the LCO later outdoor. Because you can see it better.

When I turn on the red dot.It is automatically red in level 7. If I turn to the right I go to level 8 9 10 and now the lowest level in green Here you can see well that it is a nice round and smooth circle.

Continue with the D-EVO. The Dual Enhanced View Optic as Leup old calls his original. The replica is also made of aluminum and looks absolutely awesome with the Markings. This is a scope with a 6x20mm magnification. The system works like a periscope.

The view is transferred to the shooter via mirrors.

The shooter looks in a slightly larger semi circle. The reticle I show you here. The view through the scope is clear and bright. I’ll show you later.

The scope is very slim and built to be used in addition to a red point. That’s what it looks like with the LCO. I’ll show you the settings.

You can adjust the height and the wind age like a scope. here you can adjust up and down.

Here also click wise with marking The same again for the lateral adjustment The D-EVO is so well copied that there is a problem with Airsoft.

I’ll explain that later.I first mount LCO and D-EVO on an air soft Then I’ll explain you the system better.

My candidate is the Uma rex MP7A1. You’ve already seen it in the intro. Nice to show. Nice to show. I’ll show you later the D-EVO LCO combination also on other air soft guns. I start with the D-EVO. Simply place on the rail. I turn around. To attach the tool to use from the box. It no longer becomes loose. I’ll show it once more.

Looks absolutely fantastic.Especially with the MP7 looks like a Laser gun from Star Wars 🙂 Now I still mount the LCO and then screw tightly.

Tighten again with the tool Perfect So it looks completely. In the MP7 quite full or right? What are you saying? Go or no?write it in the comments It is important to say.

With D-EVO and LCO you have 678g more on your Air soft! You have to think about that, too. The air soft gets really heavy. Everything is assembled. I’ll show you now the pros and cons of this system.

The advantage is.

I have a fast target acquisition in the near and far range.

Without changing my head or gun position! There is a variant where Scope ison top and Red Dot is on the side.

Nearby target – tilt gun to use the red dot. swing back to the scope for distant target Next option is the fold able Magnification behind the red dot.

Folding up for distant targets and fold down for close range. An extra hand movement and then there is Scope where the red dot is mounted on top.

I have to change the head position to look in red dot or scope. All this is eliminated with the D-EVO LCO Combination! I can look through red dot and scope without changing my eye position.

At the same time I see the 6xmagnification and the red dot clearly I have everything under control and do not lose a target from my eyes.The disadvantage.

The function is perfect for Real Steel but not for Air soft.

The red dot works fine and 100% in the air soft. Problem is the D-EVO.

Due to the optics on the right side of the rifle, the scope must be corrected to the left.

From a distance of 100 meters, the D-EVO can be adjusted without any problems. An air soft stops at 100 meters distance.

Only good air soft rifles can hit well at 100 meters.For example the MP7 here.

In Air soft you have distances up to 70 meters And you can not adjust the D-EVO. If the scope is completely corrected to the left.

You can not aim the scope in the middle.That means for the airsoft player. It must be targetedwith deviation. I show you the target area in red circle.

That’s really a disadvantage. Since the D-EVO was so well copied that was not thought of the air soft players 🙂 But do not use it for the Real Steel.

It will not last long and break! But for Air soft a great thing with limitation.

Let’s take a look outside.I’m in the field and aim with the D-EVO LCO on a target 30 meters away. You look good.Thanks to the 6x magnification I see the target clear, clear and big. And if you look at the red dot now.

The dot points to the same location as the scope You always have both in view. So you can quickly decide what you want to use.

The beautiful.The environment also remains in sight. Nothing is hidden.D-EVO and LCO is a really cool combination. The original costs about 2300 USD.

This Airsoft replica is really a great thing for the price. Everything clearly and also the red dot is sharp to see. I hope you can see it well.

I like the combination. Also this ScFi design is just cool. Great that this is now an Air soft clone. And what do you say? Is it cool or.

I’m excited It works and looks cool too.You just have to think about it. When aiming to correct. Once you get used to it,it’s no longer a problem.

I still have the MP7A1 in my hand. That’s what it looks like.

I’ll show you now with other air soft The Kriss Vector Limited Edition.

That just fits together perfectly. Scifi Air soft and Sci Fi Optic. Simply cool.

Then the D-EVO and LCO on the G &P Transformer M4.Looks good too. what are you saying? write a comment. very very awesome Next example.

The KWA Tavor TAR21 Bull pub Design meets innovative optics system.

fits together really well I just can not decide.

I will use D-EVO / LCO on my ICS HOG Tubular.

This is my airsoft game device 🙂 I’m so excited about the and I’ll tell you about it Or so.

Absolutely overloaded 🙂 What a combination.

The KWA B & TMP9 with D-EVO and LCO mounted.

More is not possible 🙂 I think it’s awesome and it works.

It is a matter of taste.

What is your opinion about this combination? Please write me in the comments.


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