Beginner Shooting Sorts: Air Rifles and .22’s


A question arises in mind age to teach gun safety. The family that plays together, stays together. But in an era of smart phones, text messaging, internet and yes even couch potatoes. It gets harder and harder to accomplish this. So, it’s reassuring to know that there are still outdoor activities which exist that moms, dads and kids can do together. Activities which bond and unite. Giving strength to the fabric that is family. Here to discuss what reming ton arms company is doing to help bring families together is haley heath. You might know haley from her roll as co host of cable tv’s the outfitters and yetty’s ultimate hunt. Airing on the sportsman channel. Good morning. Thank you so much for having me.

Welcome back. You know i talk about you know, going outside with kids, very important for me to do. I can’t stand the text messaging. I’m so. Me either. I’m not part of this time. So, for me being outdoors is really important, and i know for you too. And you actually do different things with your children. I do. You know we live on a farm. So, it makes it a little bit easier but i love going out and shooting with the children, whether we are shooting just targets or if you decide to go hunting. You know, those are wonderful things that we enjoy that get us outside and just watching nature. You know, whether we do anything or get an animal or not. You know, we are just spending quality time together. And that’s so important. I know also very important. You’ve done a great job with your kids. How old are they? They are 7 and 10.7 and 10. You’ve done a great job in terms of not only protecting them, but you know, explaining to them the safety behind using a gun. And we talked about it last time. Recap a little bit about the 10 commandments that you told me your kids know from1 to 10 perfectly. Of course.

Before you ever touch a gun. Because it’s very important to know how to handle it, what different ways that the safety measures are. You know, you want to make sure you are familiar and you are familiar. And when you go you can really have a good time, knowing that everyone is safe and having fun together. So, when you started involving your children, what types of guns did you i guess, introduce them to? Well, i started them out with something like this, which is this is the remington air rifle. And it is, now you see it and it looks a bit intimidating. You’re like for a child, really? Yes. It’s the remington express air rifle and now also the marlin xt youth. And it’s a little smaller. Okay.

And more compact. It’s a 22 round fire. These guns are very easy to use. Very maneuverable. Great to learn. Parents can learn them very easy. Kids can learn them very easy. You know, you don’t just hand the child the gun, of course. You definitely want to have adult supervision. But it’s something that is inexpensive and so the family can get involved and if you have you know, a couple of children that both want to get involved and get one or two. And it’s not a very expensive fun thing to do with your children. And be out there together. And i know for a fact that more girls are getting into the sport as well. Definitely. And a lot of little girls. You know, my daughter actually had a party this year, where she had, you know, a station set up for kids to go learn to shoot.

No! And so i was over there instructing each one of them, teaching them the 10 commandments of gun safety. And letting them shoot for the first time. Putting on ear protection and eye protection. And actually shooting their first time. I’ve had, we’ve had three girls out of that class since November ¬†already get their first air rifle. Really? And so when, i guess, you have this so called party or even if a child expresses interest, what are some of the concerns typically for parents. You know, getting this going. You know, a lot of times parents are concerned.

Oh my goodness i’m not going to put a gun in child’s hands. And they are dangerous and they can hurt people. And you know, you are teaching them the wrong things by putting a gun in their hands. But if that, curiosity is taken away when they learn about a gun. Learn about the safety measures. And they actually make memories with you as their parent. That sets a whole other world out there. You know they are not using for anger or upset. Correct. They are actually using it for fun and making memories with their parents. And that’s so important. You know, it’s something we love to do. We like to get out there and shoot together and shoot the targets.

We have some remington targets set up. And you know, we get out there and shoot. And we have competitions and see, you know, which ones are going to take out the trash for the week. or which one is going to wash dishes. So, we do different fun things but it’s the time, you know, i put down my phone and put away the computer and you know, i am very hands on. That’s something you have to do when you are out there with them. I was going to say.


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