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Cat® M Series Medium Wheel Loaders Operator Comfort & Safety

Cat® M Series Medium Wheel Loaders Operator Comfort & Safety

Hello my name is
Jason Hagedorn, product and application specialist here
at Caterpillar. Today we are by the 972M XE. Let’s start talking about operator comfort and safety. As part of the daily maintenance
practices, grouped ground-level access
is important to maintain our safety
around the job site. Here in the back
you’ll notice you have your engine dip
stick and fill tube as well as
your fuel and DEF fill. You’ll also note that
they’re recessed for contamination
control purposes. As we walk towards
the center hitch of the machine we’ll point
out that we have our site gauges for the transmission
fluid levels as well as up
here conveniently behind the operator cab your washer
bottle, hydraulic tank and auto lube
system as it’s important to
keep those pins greased throughout the day. Inside this electric
service center it is very important
to note that we have a ground
level door release; based on safety data we find that a high
level of slips trips and falls happen getting on and off the machine. Therefore now with
this door opened from the ground position
you’ll note that we have three points of contact in and out of that cab. I’m going to first
close this door because we’re going to show you how to do the window
washing practice. As I get up into
the machine the first thing
I’m going to do is actually open
this window. We’re going to now
articulate the machine. As I start the machine I will lower this
left-hand arm rest. I’m gonna lift the bucket up off the ground so I don’t scrape it over and where
the cutting edge. Now that we articulate left and making
sure we closed that door we’re doing this so that we can
place the platform of the machine right next to that access step that gets us to
the front ladder. Notice as I turn
off the machine, we’re going to use this nice convenient
door release – again making sure that our window is open here. The reason we’re gonna
open that window is now that we start to
do the process to get to the front of
the machine to clean the window or
service the wiper, it is easy to release
the door from this position. We will
fold this mirror back, and what we want to note is included on every
M series machine. You have a standard fall protection feature here. Your landward will clip
right in here – access across the step
to the platform; we would do all
of our cleaning; we have a nice all
around grab iron. Once we complete
that process we simply safely come back to the operator entrance here; fold back the mirror; do the door release; maintaining three
points of contact, and now I can
come back into my cab very nicely
and get back to work. Now that I have entered
the cab through the wider opening door, which reduces
the chance of trips, I first adjust my seat. Then I will go
ahead and place my seatbelt to
maintain safety. The Caterpillar cab has an integrated safety
seatbelt warning which is tied into
the VisionLink system. Additionally you can
get a green beacon on the top of the machine
for foremen around the job site to know that this seatbelt is buckled from a distance. As an operator I will now go ahead
and start the machine. The next step
is I will lower my left-hand joystick (LHD)
steering system. And when we talk about
safety, Caterpillar’s industry-leading joystick steering system is very intuitive; as
the joystick steering always matches the full control angle
of the machine. In addition, it is
speed sensitive. So therefore we can utilize this system at the full run out speeds for my Load and Carry
applications without jeopardizing production
revenue potential. But as I want to have better forward
visibility, you’ll note that with
this steering system we do not need
a steering wheel. It also enhances leg room. But more importantly
as we are facing industry challenges
for finding operators that are
very proficient, it is helpful because you sit in this cab
like a statue- so even some of our most experienced operators
are extending their careers because of reduced neck and back pain. And notice I have
nice control of both my joystick steering and implement controls so I can focus on
production revenue potential for my job site. When we talk about
visibility all around, we went to this
for 4 post ROPS cab with a forward opening door – not only can I
open and close it from the seated
position but the visibility
all around has been enhanced by
over 53 degrees and I have
very clean line of site to make
sure that there are no cross traffic issues in avoiding accidents. Furthermore on visibility the standard touchscreen
display in the cab; it incorporates
a reversing camera – even with the
payload scale system that banner would
drop to the bottom as this display comes on automatically in reverse. To enhance job site safety further
when you have high truck traffic,
Caterpillar offers a radar based object
detection system. The radar mounted
to the back end of this machine on
the radiator grill: automatically
will pick up and it is speed sensitive to
reduce the chance of false alarms. In
the cabin for the operator on the
left hand side you will see a visual warning and either yellow or
red indicators. But there is also
an audible alarm so an operator can maintain full focus visionwise as they look
at the job site. For more information, please contact your
Caterpillar dealer.

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  1. The 972M is a huge upgrade from the 972K. Great video, guys. Keep up the great quality content and Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there.

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