Cheap Red Dot Reviews


Welcome everybody I’m Jeble man and in this video I introduce you the world of the cheap red dots This little package is one of those.

So basically, it’s an accessory for air soft (in this case) For those who didn’t know it’s much like a scope, but instead of a painted cross, you get a tiny dot that in most cases can be red or green And it helps you aiming So I ordered this from the Wish app And it costed me $5, a lot of stress, and a bit of enjoyment destroying it.

It arrieved right on the deadline And I’m pretty curious if it had survived the trip You can see it’s not very well packaged You can literally feel the product itself Let’s open it then (Sorry, forgot the fancy waiting music) We don’t get many thing actually only the red dot itself Wich looks exactly like on the pictures, So i’t made for the standerd 21 mm rail systems It obviously made of cheap plastic Nothing is steel, neither glass It’s really lightweight But it comes with batteries, while on the product’s page they claimed that you wont get them.

And yeah, that’s it I’ll be right back with my airsoft So here i am, brought a screwdriver with me, also a bit set, and the weapon itself Strange thing No1: The dot sems a bit misplaced, but we can change it, right? Well, not exactly as the screws on the sides are just dummies Also, on the product’s picture the dot was shown from this side But I have figured out that maybe I could try it from the other side (GENIUS) And it worked So maybe the ad was faulty, maybe the product.

But this way it works And this is the way to put it on the rail It has this little button that you have to press Then release over the right place we just slide it on and it’s ready to go But in my case i had to unscrew to front sight as it was wider than the rail.

so maybe i’m the noob (yes i could just pop it up with ease) So slide it on and release It’s wobbling a little but thats not a big problem And now we have a (not) working red dot (I’m trying to hold the weapon so you can se but it’s not working out) so now i have to bring a screwdriver to my games otherwise it’ll break off (sorry for the annoyingly bad audio) So after all Should you buy it: NO!

The build quality is really low, cheap plastic, distorted lenses so you cant see sh*t It also falls of way to easy (You can pop it up by the way) (Placed up faulty but who cares) Just to make it even worse the bright red light shines straight into your eyes I know its really cheap, but just dont purchase it And just a few bucks more, you cant buy decent optics even from wish If you have any questions, just ask them and if I can I’ll answer Like if you found this little video interesting Wich is a great motivation for me and I’ll try to upload more videos I you have any ideas also go to the comment section below Bye.


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