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100 comments on “El Paso Walmart Shooting Leaves At Least 20 dead; Suspect In Custody | Sunday TODAY

  1. “From my cold, dead hands”
    Don't forget the glorious 2nd amendment and the 11th commandment!
    God said that the US must have assault styled rifles for squirrels, beaver and thems pesky, disobedient Indians!

  2. It seems like there are cameras everywhere there, why don't you check did the suspect come from and who did speak to before coming to the shop. I'm sure if you procédure like that, you will be able to find out who is or are behind this shooting in America. I have fam in Chicago and just let you know that we are with you.

  3. Now with two slaughtered cities added to the terrorist hits!! What are you going to do now?? Isn't that 155 cities??

  4. Thats why you do the shootings in gun free zones..
    Cant get killed while shooting ppl, if nobody had a gun 😉

  5. 251 mass shootings in the US in 216 days. A proud day to be an American. Best country in the world…yeah, right.

  6. Why didn't they shoot him like they shoot many unarmed black men and women rest in peace Mike Brown trayvon Martin tamir rice Sandra bland philando Castile why why why

  7. This Is So Sad And Terrifying Condolences And Prayers To Those Who Lost Their Lives And Who Lost Their Loved Ones In Both TEXAS And OHIO This Is Sad

  8. This is the condition of the country which talks about mediating peace & settling other countries imaginary disputes.

  9. Ohio caught their shooter in 30 seconds why did these Walmart people have to wait so long for any rescuer to show up? Disorganized El Paso needs a better Police Team. Too many people died. Where was the gun carrying men and women of El Paso? This shooter was hired by Democrats. Why is he shooting innocent people when he knows the fault lies with Congress? Democrats own these creep. Another loser promoting their Agenda. Texas vote REPUBLICAN keep these murderers out of your State. Democrats don't care about YOU!!!

  10. Why would you be smiling? at 2:18. He just said he was deeply saddened about the mass shooting that just took place in his town and how hard it is to talk about. Duping smile? perhaps he knows this is the attention he needs to increase visibility as a politician. Thinking of all the sympathy donations he'll get for his campaign? I'm no detective but looks like a duping smile to me.

  11. Why would he be worried about hearing loss by wearing ear protection if he knew he was gonna die? Don't make sense.

  12. Woman and Child sees 4 dark clothes men go in shoot people and other Eye withnesses.
    Only one ambulance arives on scene
    Then the govt says she is wrong and child it was one. they must have seen one
    as usual
    BABY BOOMER TACTICS to control narrative in hopes to take rights away
    but its not going to work.

  13. Woman and Child sees 4 dark clothes men go in shoot people and other Eye withnesses.
    Only one ambulance arives on scene
    Then the govt says she is wrong and child it was one. they must have seen one
    as usual
    BABY BOOMER TACTICS to control narrative in hopes to take rights away
    but its not going to work.

  14. The u.s government has to do something about all the shooting happening in our country, it is a great issue that has not been addressed and ignored. The second amendment of the u.s constitution needs to be looked at, we can’t be using an amendment written 280 years ago to justify what is happening now.

  15. Why aren't democrats talking about THESE?? On the same weekend were 29 people were killed in two separate mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, the city of Chicago is reeling after 25 people were shot in several incidents over a four-hour span early Sunday morning. 

    The first shooting, which took place at approximately 1:20 a.m. on Sunday morning, sent a total of seven people to local hospitals. One of the victims, a 21-year-old man, was listed in critical condition after being shot in the groin, and the other six victims all were in stable or good condition after the incident, according to authorities.

    During the shooting, an unknown gunman in a black Camaro drove by a group of people congregating near a playground in the city’s Douglas Park neighborhood and opened fire. Several people in the group returned fire at the car, which fled the scene.

    Police believe that nearly 75 shots were fired during the incident, with at least four or five people firing weapons.

    Just over an hour later, two more victims were shot in the 1200 block of South Troy, according to police. The women were standing on the street when an unknown assailant opened fire, striking both victims. They were taken to area hospitals in stable condition.

  16. The TSA and the cruise ship security always confiscate my six inch plastic kubaton. Why talk about guns when I can't defend myself with passive defense items. I will be carrying my four prong plastic massager.

  17. immigrants and Latinos are we still the bad guys? Or did they finally realize that the crazy and the bad are some of their citizens?

  18. Psychiatric condition known as Obama Effect. It causes cognitive dissonance that results in confusion in gender, cutting off genitalia, homosexuality, atheism, illegal activity, drugs and drug overdoses, an inability to know they are in the USA, disloyalty, loss of honor, mass hysteria, looting and burning and mass murders and an upsurge in suicide.

  19. When you go out anywhere bring the following items:
    Bulletproof vest
    A bullet resistant Helmet
    A weapon (gun)
    A grenade

    Oh wait… they might mistake you as a mass shooter.

  20. Imagine if a guy was in the bathroom the whole time and when he or she is finish the person be like “what the heck happen? Where’s everyone at and that’s a red paint or sauce I see?”

  21. How come all the video clips are at a mall? I thought it was a Walmart? I know they said the mall nearby was also evacuated. But I hardly saw anything at a Walmart.

  22. Surveillance cameras?? What is that crap? Who installs 1 megapixel equipment?? This is another 100% mass media joke. There's better quality pics of dudes on the moon!! 0/10 here

  23. Why are most victims of these shootings other white people, people whom these shooters love, being of the same race? I guess your own race can be your own worst enemy in many cases, sadly.

  24. My mom told me about this because I was playing God of war 3 Remastered.
    Fortnite took The Shooting Mechanic to a Whole new level. This is why I choose to Play Minecraft than Shitnite.

  25. If he was in my Wal-Mart and i was there i wouldof took one of his eyes out or atleast 3 to the head with my mak.

  26. I hope he spend the rest of his short time on this Earth fearing his end on an electric chair. God make this guy suffer everyday with a feeling of impending doom and once he is charred on that chair, burn is soul till the end of time! My heart weeps for those who were lost and may they rest in peace.

  27. I live in Jamaica🇯🇲 and it's no secret that crime situation is getting out of control but this here definitely brought tears to my eyes…. God help us all! The world is in shambles!

  28. your masters laugh in your face and 1200 brain dead sheeple in this comment section still believe these are real events – the level of ignorance is appalling – these are staged theatrical events – hoaxes with crisis actors to push an agenda – drills gone live – better wake up America or you will be disarmed and on your knees soon enough

  29. well, perhaps the VR shooter game was not satisfiying him so much.. and then he was jumped to the real one. 😅

  30. I'm from El Paso, Cielo Vista is my local mall. Id been to the Walmart before. Thank God I didn't lose anyone close to me but I was still greatly affected by this. #elpasostrong

  31. Today at school here in San Benito Texas we were writing letters to kids in El Paso during’m scared for what happens next cause an hour ago I here in my school a few years ago was a real lockdown..

  32. Aight just to see how many of y’all think it’s the guns fault if you think it’s the guns fault comment it and Vice versa.

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