Handgun Red Dot Sights Review


Hi, I’m John Spears from Forge Tactical.

I hear a lot of questions and misconceptions about the operation of carbine and handgun dot site.We have long advocated, used and taught the use of dot sites for handguns.

However, as a misunderstanding to hear well whether it is a carb or a gun The closer the distance, the higher the accuracy and the greater the distance, the lower the accuracy. Selfishness is different from Iron Site.

The most controversial misconception is that even if the dot is not centered on the lens, there is no impact on accuracy There is an opinion that “you can hit if the dot matches the target anywhere in the lens” It’s the correct answer, it’s also a mistake.

You can see if it will hit within 8 to 10 yard, regardless of the position of the dot on 8 inch targets or EAG targets. But that’s no different than using Iron sight.

If you use the M4 carbine at 300 yards and the CCO, T1, Comp M4 dots are anywhere in the lens It’s definitely a mistake if you can use a distance of 300 yards.The same can be said for mini dot sites attached to handguns.

Placing a circle at the center of the circle is easy for the eyes and the brain, but In the case of odd-shaped lenses such as rhomboids, It is more difficult than always a circular lens to always reflect the dot on the spot, being aware of the center of the optical instrument You can learn by being aware of the outer circumference of the lens.

Resolving the misconception that the dots can be hit regardless of the location in the lens is the number one challenge for them to be successful.

Instead of finding differences in the basics of various shootings as a key to improving shooting sports, Find similarities.It is the same as learning various martial arts. An effective foundation can be applied to a wide range. If you get one right, you can learn more.

Many people ask me how I am improving my skills as a sniper.I practice using handguns at 50 yards for many hours. Because with a handgun 50 yards and 1000 yards sniper use the same basis. The same basic elements are used in various trainings.

Perfect holding, holding, aiming, trigger control, breathing And to set the most important follow-through and training goals.If it can be done correctly with a 50 yard handgun, train on long range shooting with a long gun using the same basis.

This determines the majority of success.Knowing what the basic elements are needed is the key to success. Training generally feeds it. I hope this helps in thinking about dot sites. It was John Spears from Forge Tactical.


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