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Interview with Chief Commercial Officer – Krik Gunning | Safened KYC

Interview with Chief Commercial Officer – Krik Gunning | Safened KYC

my name is Krik, I’m the chief
commercial officer at Safened and my three top priorities are hiring the best talent out there and making sure that we keep being a front-runner when it
comes to the technology that we have and third of course bringing more clients onboard so that they can benefit from our solutions almost the entire financial services industry now realizes that the industry is a mobile-first industry I think banks and
financial institutions in general are much more open to learn from agile
fintechs like like ourselves and implement our solutions rather than try
to reinvent the wheel themselves I think the challenge we face as society is that 5% of the global economy is dirty money our mission is to make it as easy as
possible for bonafide people to open an account and as difficult as possible for
fraudsters to open an account so I think we’re really leveraging technology to
make sure that we can help banks fulfill their role as gatekeeper to the
financial system and therewith help society to prevent criminals and money launderers from getting access to the financial system if you want to be
successful with AI you need three things so you need sufficient relevant data you need to know what you’re looking for and annotate the data accordingly and then
you need an amazing team who can build solutions on top of that we happen to be
in a fortunate position that we have all three elements and that’s why we really
believe we can can take the next step we’ve already done it with facial
recognition software trained specifically for the set up that we that we see in the KYC which is pretty unique and now we’re
taking into to future developments as well which I think are going to be super
exciting 2018 was a ridiculous year so we started the year with 25 employees and
we ended it with 200 employees it’s very important to bring the right
tenants on board and to make sure that they feel challenged by what we have on
the roadmap which is super cool stuff that the most talented people can start
working on right away

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