Learning about Guns

Learning about Guns

Are you learning shooting in las vegas gun safety classes. Well, you can have some information here. We will be talking about a modern offering, the H and K MP5. The MP5 is the greatest submachine gun of all time and that becomes immediately apparent when you get some trigger time on one. The fact about this roller delay blowback action is that HK made famous with their G3 rifle was scaled down to work with nine-millimeter Parabellum. Who knew that this would be a perfect pairing? The harsh snap of a simple blowback gun is eliminated with the MP5sroller delay blowback action, and is a closed-bolt weapon, it curb stomped the competition in the accuracy department. Overnight, competing designs like the Uzi, the MPL, the Sterling, and so on, that all fired from an open bolt, were suddenly outclassed by an order of magnitude. Sorry, I can’t help but geek out a little bit in these videos. Anyways, the MP5 and semi-automatic is brilliant.

Recoil is much lower and smoother than other nine-millimeter SMGs and the only one I’ve ever shot with lower recoil is the German MP-40 with its pneumatic delay and telescoping firing pin. The MP5 has a decent trigger for an SMG-2, and can accept a multitude of trigger pegs. The sights are wonderful, and gun is quite modular. You can attach all sortsof tactical do-dads on a railed for end if you want, stocks come in different configurations, and you can get a rail for the top if you’d like to put an optic on there. For me though, the HK diopter sights are wonderful, and with an MP5, I can shoot outstanding groups. It got a perfect 30 out of 30 on the Run and Gun course, and it just feels natural in my arms. Full-auto is also extremely controllable.

The layout and action of the MP5 help eliminate muzzle rise. In fact, many people say that the gun swaying left to right under fire is more of a problem than any elevation change. For a little nine-millimeter blaster, you can’t get better than an MP5. Recoil is low, accuracy is there, reliability is unparalleled, and a day at the range with an MP5 or a Clone will certainly bring a huge smile to your face. Now we have a somewhat unpredictable offering. As most viewers know, we primarily showcase historical and modern military-style rifles and pistols on this channel, but I’m an avid hunter and I absolutely love shotgun sports, so I chose to have a pretty broad category for this one, any sporting shotgun. I say sporting because a shotgun with an 18 and 20 inch barrel reduces effective range and opens up your pattern quite a lot, and a shotgun with a big magazine tube that adds unnecessary weight with bulk for hunting and shotgun sports.

It is worth noting that the law prohibits more than two rounds in a shotgun’s magazine for hunting where I live as well, and if you get caught with an unplugged shotgun. Then you can have in for some trouble. So seen here is what is called a Beretta Silver Pigeon in 20 gauge. This over-under is a great scatter gun from the world’s oldest gun manufacturer, and I have used it for skeet, traps, sporting clays, and lots and lots of dove. Shotgun sports to me are the most fun thing you can do with a firearm. You can get together with some buddies and cut up while turning clay into dust and honing a practical skill that puts food on your table a couple times a year. By the way, I seriously feel bad for anyone that has not enjoyed dove breast wrapped in jalapenos, cheese, and bacon. Hunting dove is my favorite type of hunting as well. It’s fast-paced, and you can do it with a large group of friends without worrying about being quiet. And there’s always enough birds for everyone to limit out.

And of course, it doesn’t hurt that after everyone limits out, you put the guns away, get the fire going, cook up the bounty, while enjoying some booze of your choice. Again, just remember to tuck those guns away before you start getting into the sauce. So I like sporting shotguns because of the joy they bring me while using them. Again, I absolutely love hunting fowl and the challenge that comes along with busting clays is easy to learn, but impossible to master, and that makes for a great experience.


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