Red-Dot Wolverine CSR Review


It’s the Wolverine CSR Before the peel of this baby a little presentation Here it is from several Different Angles Like you can see here the battery location the up adjustment knobs and lateral the mount system.

The intensity control buttons and when its on the inside of the tube I think you already note this but the battery of this red-dot is a AA battery we have three advantage to use this type of battery firest it’s the most basic battery it’s found everywhere ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE Secondly The battery life is long.

Sight Mark announces a lifetime of 1’000’000 hours thirdly the AA battery are ultra easy to carry there are even battery holder like this So you are sure of never have a battery problem Absolutely never Other strong point of this product is that red dot for shotgun is made of a single piece of alu which is a very good thing fot the strength of it this red-dot is very resistant because for use on firearms so there will be no problem mount it on a GBBr with an important kick.

You can mount it in two different ways a compact or a raised mount which is great depending on the type of replica you use the red-dot has 9 intensity Level to turn it on you just have to press the upper arrow to switch of just keep the upper arrow press for 5 seconds if the intensity is not touching in the 12 hours that follow the last manipulation the red-dot turn off in order to save the battery in the box.

you will find, the Red-dot the top mount is initially mount on the product to switch to compact mode just remove the part between the pica tinny fixation and the Red-dot mount the fixation directly on the red-dot and this is the compact mount a protection for the lenses a microfiber for wash the lenses the AA battery a Allen keys additional screws for the high mounting and not forget the manual now, we have see the box I propose you to see the advantages and disadvantages of the product The advantages : The AA battery the time life of this the auto break at the end of 12h the resistance of the product the intensity of the light and the last, the high or compact mount for your different needs the disadvantages for me is only one the weight the aluminum is a little heavy but it remains bearable Conclusion the Wolverine CSR from Sight Mark is a great Quality product by his resistance, his finistions.

His electronic honestly the AA battery if you are like me it’s just great the battery buttons it drives me crazy as we need we never get it and when we have you can’t bring the so we lose them so I love the AA another big advantage, the auto-break the number of battery buttons I screwed up leaving the red-dot turn on it’s hallucinating here no risk, thanks to the autonomy ultra long of the battery but also the auto break.

that will catch any error of your part as I told you just now the only disadvantages of this red-dot is his weight with 290g the Red-dot it’s a bit heavy and if you play with a small replica it can actually annoy you but it’s remains a detail I hope you like the this Video if it’s the case feel free to like it, comment it or better still share it If you discover me with this video feel free to subscribe Buddies I thanks again Sight Mark for their Trust And I tell you to the next time and Good Games at all !!!!.


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