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Shoot Christians Say

Shoot Christians Say

Tyler: Bless his Heart. You think he’s backsliding? I think I saw him drink. Tripp: Yeah, but in moderation. Tyler: I just wasn’t seeing much fruit. He’s going down a slippery slope. How’s your heart man? How’s your heart? I’m just such a words guy. Tripp: It was a total God thing. I’m blessed. I’ve been working on my testimony. Tyler: Is that secular music? Tripp: We’re opening with a secular song tonight. Tyler: Wait, is this a secular song? Isn’t she secular? Which station’s The Fish? 104.3. The Fish. Safe for the whole family. You know he’s a believer. I think he’s saved. Tripp: I just pray you give him traveling mercies. Pray for all Tyler’s unspoken. Tyler: Hmmm, echo to that. Tripp: I’d just really like to echo Tyler’s prayer, father. I’d just like to echo, that echo, of my echo, of his echo. Tyler: Really, I feel like I’m being released from this, you know? Tripp: I’m trying to be relevant. I’m just trying to be in the world, not of it. Hey, do you want to join our small group? You want to join my D group? You want to join my cell group, community group, access group, accountability group, Axe 27 group? Tyler: Dude, he brought it. Tripp: He brought the word. That service last night, rocked me. Tyler: You’re pretty purpose driven. Tripp: Yeah, it’s seeker. Don’t they do seeker service there? Tyler: I feel like he’s gotten really watered down. Tripp: I don’t feel like he really teaches the word. Tyler: He’s not enough meat, you know? Tripp: Are they non denom? We have a great Wednesday night supper. Tyler: Let’s invite some dudes over and fellowship tonight. We’re going to have a sweet time of fellowshipping tonight. Tripp: Dude, we had the sickest fellowship last night. Tripp: We’re going to extreme. Tyler: Velocity. Tripp: Ignite. Tyler: Yeah I’m going to ignite. Tripp: The edge. Tyler: The dive. Tripp: The bridge, the ramp. Tyler: Fire. Tripp: Courageous, passion, echo, reverb. Tyler: Noise. Tripp: Velocity, drive. Tyler: Elevate. Tripp: Radiate. Tyler: 722. Tripp: 635. Tyler: 419. Tripp: Orange. Tyler: Blue. Tripp: Yellow, green, clear, neon. Tyler: Catalyst conference this year. Tripp: I don’t do that, because I feel like it ruins my witness. Tyler: I’ve been struggling with that. Tripp: I’m really wrestling with that. I’m wrestling with the doubt. Tyler: I need someone to hold me accountable. Tripp: I’m really trying to be intentional with her. I’m pursuing her for sure. I’m trying to guard her heart. Tyler: Guard her heart though, bro. Tripp: Will you hold me accountable to that? Tyler: Yeah, well bounce your ass, bounce your ass. Tyler: Dang it. Tripp: Crap. Tyler: Shoot. Sheesh. Tripp: Frip. Tyler: Darn it. What the “H”? Tripp: Ho-lee crap. Tyler: Son of a beasting. Tripp: Dude, he’s really teeing me off. I’m gonna kick his “A”. Tyler: Are you essing me right now? Tripp: Not cool. I find that offensive. Captions by

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  1. I'm Christian and this happy clappy lingo of buzz words and catch phrases will look pretty silly in future generations.  The music all sounds like worn out Peter Paul and Mary tunes.

  2. Okay, so I cringe/laughed when I saw this. Mostly laughed, but cringed on the inside because I totally did some of those things. So let me get this straight: the video is basically saying that instead of these Christian "catch-phrases" we should just use normal English. Yes?

  3. Um, it's just English. If You can't understand it, your vocabulary is too small or you don't want to listen. Sad.

  4. This is funny because it's so true!! Bahahahahaha!! Never heard echo before, but everything else was spot on!! And I will be using "son of a bee sting" from now on. XD

  5. anyone that this is of The Almighty.. you need to read his word. this in not cute, it is not funny.. it is vanity.. it is sin.. this video is correct about a lot of so called christian, however, it is sin.. learn what sin is.. so you can turn from it.

  6. This has just become a thing of culture…it doesn't seem right to me. What happened to how things were in the Book of Acts?

  7. Hey everyone! This is why young people like myself have left these so called "nondenoms" and other protestant type churches. They try to make it a cool hip sub culture when it was supposed to be an ancient religion going back 2000+ years with some interesting oddities like historical theology, the sacraments, church calendars, three-fold priesthoods, icons, and great beer and art.
    If young people who really want a grip on their heritage in Christ, then they should look into church history instead of listening to the tight jeans, espresso-nik, do-it-ourselfers out there who think Christ was born of a virgin but believe all that sacrament stuff is hogwash.
    do thine self a favor and just wiki the main differences between these post churchers called emergent or non denom. If they have thrown out a bunch of things can you really call it Christianity?

  8. It isn't Christianity anymore, it's Churchianity. Most modern Christians are hollow and fake. Most people "saved" after the advent of social media will never know what real Christianity is. Bye.

  9. I'm an Atheist. I know god loves me. I have read his good book, 3 different versions. I think he is an insufferable jerk and I can't wait to meet his son and talk shit about him. I actually used my time here on earth to get Theists to put up or shut up. The bible tells you to have good reasons for your belief and to be ready to profess them whenever challenged. Still waiting to meet that particular christian. Maybe he hasn't made one yet. I'd hold my breath but suicide is a no no and I wouldn't want another theist feeling shameful glee at the death of another non believer. Leave that type of garbage to the Muslims. Peace.

  10. Is it weird that I understand everything theyre saying? Then again Im a christian so…

  11. My God. Am I not a REAL Christian if I don't say things say, cause I say NONE of these things, but ALL of my friends do… hmm…

  12. is a website with a radio station with 0 commercials, paid for by christians. I'm not sure if they're all over the US but go to their website and see if the got a wave frequency for ya. Bless your hearts 😀

  13. Why not "Stuff Christians Say?" I legit thought this was going to be about guns or something until it dawned on me that you didn't want to write "sh*t."

  14. This is an interesting issue.

    At one point it might seem as if a group is really working together and worth the time. Them having their own language and meanings might just be what someone seeks.

    On the other hand there are those that hear these words and feel treated as an outsider and hence never get close.

    Yes in a group, after a long enough time, you create your own language and ways. Your own communication, things that make you part of said group. And that is natural.

    But if you try to pull in new members or at least try to look open this becomes a problem.

    People want to belong to groups and are willing to lie about it. They are willing to go through the motions even if they don't really feel it. People are group animals and we are bound to cluster together. But who and what you cluster with differs even within the major group leading to smaller groups. With all the gains and losses there too.

    So is it bad to have an own language? Yes and No! Yes, it helps to make things obvious that would take more words. But no if you want to include outsiders.

    Without going into the FAITH part of the group, even understanding the basic ways groups function one can see just where this can lead. And does lead, yes to the point that people outside your group don't understand you.

  15. I say unspoken, relevant, small group, courageous, struggling, wrestling with doubts, hold accountable, dang it, crap, darn it, holy crap. the rest is for grannies

  16. As a millennial, I find this to be a bunch of crap. I find this video as a subtle form of submitting to the world!! As Christians we should worry about conforming or sounding like the way the world talks. We shouldn't sound or talk politically correct to fit in!! We are called to talk and speak differently!!

  17. Me: Finds conference call video. Hilarious! What a great channel! Let’s binge-watch everything!

    Me (20 min. later): omg hilarious Christian YouTube channel???? SUBSCRIBE.

    this is John b. Crist, dare I say approaching Tim Hawkins levels of a gem. Looking forward to the rest of my night!!

  18. Christian. Can guarantee that we 100% say these things around 90% of the time and at least every single one of these phrases and words at least once in life.

  19. lol this is one of the reasons I left christianity and any religion for that matter, way too much fakeness and same old cookie cutter christians, it really shows how religion destroys your identity and individuality, like the borg, so fking depressing when you are not able to express yourself as yourself, you mite as well be artificial intelligence.

  20. 1:31 "Catalyst conference this year?" "I don't do that, 'cause I feel like it ruins my witness." xD That so bugs me when people use that word "witness!" lol

  21. The “offensive” at the end summarizes it nicely:

    For Christians are the modern day Pharisees: They think they have the truth, yet they are offended by it.

    But great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

    And as indicated by Matthew 7, most Christians (saying “Lord, Lord”) go to hell.

    And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

    Prove all things, the book says:

  22. Not sure why religious people in general are against swearing because it literally isn't in any scriptures since the scriptures of major religions were written hundreds of years ago and modern language is well, modern…..

    Also don't forget Christian rock

  23. When someone says "will you hold me accountable for that" and you hear "bet your ass" when the guy says bounce your eyes in the next line😂😂😂😂

  24. Guys can you keep me accountable for all this doubt I've had so I can go through a season of growth in my walk with God

  25. Christians need to stop saying: "Shut up," "Oh, how arrogant," "Just be quiet," "No you!" "Oh No!" "Just stop it," and other unbiblical words and phrases that are found nowhere in Scripture. Their women also need to stop rebuking men which the Bible says they have no business doing & they need to stop shouting, threatening, insulting and pointing their fingers at the poor which Jesus never did and instead they need to rebuke the rich and powerful which Christ did!

  26. Is all this simply virtue signalling and tribal identification rituals or do these neologisms actually help these folks practice their faith?

  27. 'God, I just want to say one thing, I JUST want to say this other thing. And God, JUST, please do this this other thing, and .. JUST (one thing), another thing. JUST.. and JUST..and JUST.. ( Christians, please stop using the word, 'Just', multiple times )
    'Just' implies a singular topic. I grew up in a church and this got under my skin. If you want to Pray for just one thing, please just do it. Just pray for that one thing. Multiple *Just's is embarrassing.

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