Shooting Guns in Warsaw

Learning Shooting

Do you know about gun safety trigger. So Americans are said to be great shooters and the truth is that I shot guns a lot when I was a kid, you know, with my friends’ dads, whatever, but I haven’t shot a firearm in like5 years so I think that Marek, who’s never shot a gun might  be as good, or even better than me. Let’s find out. You never shot a gun before? No, never. And do you think you’ll be good at shooting? I have no idea. No, I never shot an automatic weapon before and that looks scary. I’m actually nervous. I’m actually really nervous about this one. I shot a.45 when I was a kid and that scared the hell out of me because it was like kicking me back and I might want to try that again as an adult. One thing we have to point out -this is probably the most iconic american assault riffle in the history – M4. It is all around the Vietnam war.

Funny thing dude I don’t know anything about guns like… I was into war movies so this is well known. This is most of the guns I shot were shotguns, my family actually owns a shotgun, they bought it for my brother and I don’t shoot it because it’s all loud. I would love to try this. It’s such a strong thing, such a strong theme in American culture to have a gun. I know it takes from the Constitution, right? Yes because it’s our right. That’s all. Originally the law was introduced so that you can defend yourself from the abuse of government, right? Yeah, exactly. But in the age of drones and tanks and ballistic weapons it doesn’t make any more sense. Doesn’t make any sense. How can I help you, god afternoon. Could we have some handgun and some kind of semi automatic riffle, for example M4, that would be nice.

M4 is for kids. I’ll show you the 16 one. For your own safety – a gun should be always pointed in that direction. Do not ever cross your fingers over here like they do it on TV, but as soon as you shoot the slide will just break your finger. Put your hands like this, put your torso to the front, close one eye. You have to look through this hole on that front sight, you have to make sure these are on one line. Let’s see who shoots better. Me as a complete amatoure. It’s funny, he’s not even scared! I’m excited, actually. I’ve never hold a weapon like that. You also never had one pointed at your head. Weapons like that work in a completely different context for you, being an American and me. For me it’s just an exotic gimmick from the film, you know? That’s true.

When you have a target, you should hoot into this middle point. No headshots, no anything. He said that like if it ripples it’s dangerous. Yeah, so we are trying to avoid. Fantastic. Hold the gun close with your right hand, okay? With my right hand? Yes. Alright. I’m good. I’m done. C’mon! Be a man! Now I’m scared! No, I don’t like that. That’s horrible. Not so bad. Let’s see how Marek does. God damn. You shoot like a boss! Left or right eye? Right one. So use right hand. As I told you, look through that hole, aim at the center and shoot. Will it kick me? Absolutely not. Put the handle next to your cheek, so you can see everything and point the gun at the center of the target. That’s my kind of gun! Tough guy. Every shell was coming to your face, but you stay strong. When I go back to America I’m buying this gun. I can see better further, so I couldn’t see the close ring of the aiming mechanism. Nice. Nice.

Alright, so are you, are you feeling in the mood for something more automatic? Very important note – do not pull the trigger for too long. Just pull it and quickly let it go. Will it hit me? No, it’s not going to hit you, it will go up. That’s crazy, dude, he was not joking, that gun is like an elevator, just… I was shooting like the gang banger, you know, just wherever. Right, that one was okay. That one was good, it’s not too loud, you can control it more. Generally, you do not aim a shotgun. Marek, I’m going to skip this one, I don’t like the shotguns.

Oh, he’s done, he’s done. Time for some surprises. Polish hunting rifle, named “Daniel”. Very simple, very nice to use. Something little more relaxed. Have fun! Is the shell going to hit me? Oh my god! All I could see was fire! I thought it was some kind of pussy gun, when he took it out, I was like “Okay! Soft ending”. Jesus Christ. I actually think Przemek should have an opportunity to shoot that. Just so he can become a man, because. I wasn’t a man before then and now I understand things differently. It doesn’t look like it, but that is a hardcore gun.


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