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So you think that shooting is as easy as lifting up the gun putting your cheek on the stock and looking through the optics kind of like this Well if you think that you’re wrong if you really want to become a better shooter you want to listen to this next tip Hey, this is Kirsten Joey Weiss and today I’m going to talk about a concept that most people overlook ignore, or don’t even know exists.

that is proper cheek weld or proper cheek position now I’m gonna tell you what that is what it does and how to fix it because Without proper cheek weld it will open up the groups you’ll have inconsistencies in your group size You’ll have mystery shots all Sorts of things now most people just lift up the gun they put their cheek on the stock.

they think I’m good to go Well most people are missing this if you just want to be an average shooter sure that’s gonna work But if you want to be a great shooter You’re really gonna have to think about consistent and proper cheek weld so thanks for joining me because I am very excited to teach you about this I Actually have a couple guns with me just to illustrate this point, but first.

What is proper cheek position well Ideally when you put your cheek on the stock, and you close your eyes And you completely relax when you open your eyes You want to see a perfect sight picture you don’t want to have to move your head to get to this perfect sight picture So that is ideal cheek position

whatever you’re most comfortable with On the stock so some people use their jaw bone right here some people use their cheek bone right here I prefer my cheek bone Whatever you are most comfortable with Close your eyes open them, and when you have a perfect sight picture Naturally that is perfect cheek position How does this mess up your shooting Well, you can look like you have a proper sight picture

But when in the reality you don’t Because you’re constantly moving that cheek think of your eye as another optic So the optic – the optic you got to line up those optics, right? You know and you have the front sight in the back sight you line those up this is actually a sight as well and most people don’t think of it that way and What happens is if you if you take your hands and you make two circles like this and you look at an object in the distance right

What you’re seeing is A proper sight picture, but then when you move your head this way if you’re going to line that optic up Without moving your cheek You’re gonna move that optic to your eye, so it lines up again right and that works and that would be fine if it was a telescope or Something like that, but what happens with a gun is that there’s a barrel below it,

it’s going like this I mean that’s an extremely exaggerated way to say it But that’s the truth I have another video where I go into this in more depth It’s a video on rifle cant and there’s some charts, and it’s really easy to understand.

I’m not gonna belabor it here I’ll put links down in the description so you guys can go see that as well as other videos I think are helpful both now and in the future.

I’ll try to keep it updated.

So you’re actually moving that barrel off-center to where you’re originally sighted in that is bad because you’re going to have your groups open up and Inconsistencies in your shot pattern that you can’t explain because it looks good to you So you want to completely avoid that and here is how to do that and how to fix it What is the ideal cheek position how do we achieve that all right now I get to play with a couple guns first Let me get that m1 garand again And it is garand.

It’s not garand.

I learned that just recently Ideally you want to put your cheek comfortably on this stock whatever is comfortable for you, and you think that you can be consistent with that Close your eyes once you’re on that stock and open them and look through the optic But do not move your head if you can’t look through the optic then your gun is not ideal and guess what most guns are Not ideal I have a lot of guns that are not set up ideally for my cheek I think I have about one or two guns that are ideally set up the rest are not so I adapt to them How do we do that there’s three different ways you can just deal with it now I do this a whole lot I do have a lot of hours of training in me and I kind of naturally think about consistent cheek placement, but I’m also not the best at Making sure that I have this on every single one of my gun there’s a lot of reason for that When I’m doing trick shots.

I’m just having fun I’m not scared to miss and if I show my misses to you guys Then you know that it’s not all about just making your shot every single time, so I’m pretty chill about that But when I’m in a competition you better believe that I want to eliminate every single variable because when I miss in a competition That’s points off and why handicap yourself like that it makes no sense So for now you can just deal with it and make sure that you have a consistent Cheek placement pretty much as much as you think you can do it You will have variables and depending on how precise you really want to be you’re gonna have to think about it hard so you really want to just not have to think about it, right a second way of doing this is especially on a wooden stock, but even synthetic stock you can carve it out if The optics of the comb are too high for your optics which is rare And the other way you can do it too is you can build it up.

I like to do it with epoxy I’ll put some duct tape down put some epoxy on and then you can shave it, too You can shave it down if you put too much on there and just make it ideal for your face But it makes the gun quite ugly both of those two options make the gun ugly welll not the first one But the second one makes it kind of a Frankenstein gun

the duct tape will mess with your gun It’s very acidic and it’s gonna eat into whatever finish you have So just know that it’s going to be a functional gun and not a beautiful gun if you choose to do it that way The third way and the way that I prefer especially for competition is this An adjustable cheek piece, okay This is an inferno stock, but there’s a lot of stock options out there I got this because I was doing an extreme precision shot I have an extreme Shot that I did in a video check out the description This actually has a wheel there’s all sorts of different ways stocks adjust And this has a wheel that you can play with and move that stock up and down And then when you pick up the gun and

you put your cheek down and you close your eyes, and you open your eyes You’re gonna have a perfect sight picture now if it’s not perfect I can move it up move it down and this is ideal for if you are also sharing your gun with other shooters so that you don’t have to have it only for you that they can use your gun to you just adjust that cheek piece I Think that an adjustable cheek piece is something that can be used for pretty much any sport hunting whatever

But it’s also what you’re used to so this is gonna get you started There’s a lot more tips and tricks and nuances even just about the cheek piece and cheek weld That I’d love to share with you guys But that’s way more than one video can handle so hopefully I’ll do more videos in the future make sure your subscribe so you don’t miss any of those and Also, make sure to sign up

if you have some questions about shooting or you have some Suggestions for trick shots, just let me know we can communicate there a lot better than elsewhere and do me a favor share this with the shooting buddy Alright until next time aim true and have your shooting.


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