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Chrony test, fire test and why you have to buy exactly this gun! You’ll find out in the next few minutes! Have fun! Servus! Nice of you to drop in! I hope you brought some time, get a coffee, get a beer, something to relax you! Today we need a little more time! Today I would like to show you a review about a pistol, which is about the We ihrauch HW40.

Here mounted with a Red Dot, a Sig Sauer Romeo 1.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Hey, HW40, there’s been something there before. Exactly, I made a video there in my early days.

I don’t think this is Up To Date anymore. The quality standard has risen and I have forgotten some things, have quite badly and I want to do better than that.

There’s a second video that will be made better sometime, it’s about a Diana 35, but I invite an expert, only he lives 400 kilo metres away. So this may take some time. But Andreas will definitely come and support me.

And then we’re gonna do this video right now.Okay, but let’s start with the HW40. We come to the technical data. 24 centimeters long, the barrel is 17 centimeters long. It is a caliber 4.

5 mm.177 system. Here we have the body made of plastic. And I’d say in the close-up, I’ll just show you what the air pistol has what it takes. Okay, I gave you the measurements, and now I’d like to show you the air pistol in the close-up.There’s a little screw in here while you’re looking at my index finger. then adjust the pressure point trigger.

The housing is made of plastic, there are some metal parts on it.

It is a very valuable plastic which is absolutely super from the haptics.

The system works with per-compressed air, I’ll show you how to use it later. to get some air in that piston. We will also measure performance later. We’ll do that in the chrony test. This is approximately 3.

But there will be some surprises as far as consistency is concerned.You see up here, that’s how you see it, you see the rear sight. It’s a fiberglass look.

This is adjustable in height and side.Here in front we have the grain, also in fiberglass optics. The older models are equipped with Iron Sights. I personally like that better, but that’s also a matter of taste. I would have to get a patent for the idea: you can see a Mounting rail from Hawk.

This adapted from 11 mm to Weaver.The big advantage from the way I mounted it is that you guys are back here where I’m going to be. I now have my forefinger that a piece of the rail sticks out. I’ll show you later how to close the air gun. Especially when you have mounted a Red Dot, you either have to close relatively far forward, or you run the risk of hitting the rear sight back here.

If you’ve done it a thousand times, I don’t know how she can take it.This Haw ke rail has the advantage that it simply has this protruding part so you can exert super power in the back without damaging the rear sight in the long run.

I’m gonna turn this air gun around.On this page here, you see some silver washers. The assembly is unfortunately defective, so I had to make do with these silver discs, that the screws don’t slip. Don’t be surprised, that’s usually without those silver discs.

OK, here you have the name: HW 40 PCA.And underneath you see the fuse, right now it’s unlocked. It’s an automatic fuse, so if I cock the air gun now, then the fuse goes in automatically. Then I have to solve them by hand before I can fire the shot.

But you’ll see that a little closer later in my test. Okay, now you’re thinking to yourselves, “Is he actually what kind of red dot mounted on it?” Finally:Yes! The Red Dot is several times more expensive than the air pistol itself.

But I wanted to take a look at it because it was a product of the 2017 or 2016, I don’t remember exactly.It has received a mega good rating in many trade journals and in the English-speaking and German-speaking press, so I just wanted to take a look at the part and mounted this one on the gun.

You’ll see that on some other guns, of course.

Right now on a bull pup. Okay, that’s a Sig Sauer Romeo 1. That’s a 1×30 red dot. I took off my cap once. You can see the two little buttons with the green arrows on the side. The brightness can be adjusted.

This is adjustable 5x.There are even 2 night vision levels. The Red Dot is waterproof to 1 meter.

Now, I’ve turned on the red dot once. I don’t want to repeat what just happened to me. First of all, I turned everything over nice and cosy.

The nice thing is that this red dot withstood 10,000 times the bullet test.That means with such a small hit as when I throw it down, it must be with get along with. All right, you’re looking at the red dot.

I’m not gonna move it. Just now this one was on the brightest level, and now we have here this night mode Step. You hardly ever recognize them. You hardly ever recognize them. I shoot myself when I’m shooting in this apartment on the third step. And that’s the brightest again. Here on the side you can see the little “cogwheel”. The height and side can be adjusted with the supplied screwdriver. A total of 50 MOA. The red dot is not made for air pistols, of course, but primarily for semi-automatic air pistols.Guns, shotguns and rifles. We have here an spherical lens made of cast glass.

This means that you have no distortion in the image.The red dot is powered by a CR1632 battery. And as I said, despite 10,000 times the bombardment (I didn’t do that myself, but I trust the manufacturer’s specifications), it reliably keeps the zero position. So, now we’ve told a lot of theoretical stuff.

I would have said we’d swing back onto the gun.And now it’s just time for the chrony test. Now I’ll show you the Chrony test of We ihrauch HW40.

I’ll fire ten shots.JSB Exakt 4,53 Millimeter. And then we’ll just see how constant the gun is.Have fun! And now for the last shot. Felt that was really great. Let’s have a look. rounds, average energy of 3. 55 joules.

Average speed of 114 meters per second.Lowest speed 112. 35 meters per second. The highest speed is 114. 86 meters per second.

This is a constancy of 2.5 meters per second, which is a really good value! An average deviation from the average of 0. 71 meters per second. You saw the chronyte test. With this constancy it is clear that a good shot result is also achieved. must.If the shooter doesn’t plan on it. You know my old video, I wasn’t exactly covered in fame. I didn’t even hit the ducks in the duck box from 3 or 4 meters away. I want to do better today. That’s why I mounted the red dot. I shoot from 20 feet, hold the air pistol with two hands. And then let’s see what we can get together. So have fun! Make amends! Let’s go! I shoot with both hands with the Red Dot Sig Sauer Romeo 1.

Then let’s just see what we can get together.Well, keep your fingers crossed! Have fun people! So, you saw it.

I’ll say I’m rehabilitated.The top marksmen among you, and the pistol shooters are still laughing at each other. the result. I’m already satisfied once. If I make a third video sometime, then I shoot even better. Okay, I wanted to shoot you guys again before we hit the 11.meter. the previously mentioned advantage of this protruding rail.

I operate the hammer back here, reach with two fingers, have the air open. That’s when air came into the piston here. And then it’s relatively easy to get through the nice lever here without having to use the red dot or the rear sight, close the gun again. Read this Latest News

Then you have here the automatic fuse.This has to be done manually before every shot, and then I do something you can do with it. doesn’t normally do, but it’s my own air pistol. I want you to fire a blank. Normally you should load a dia bolo.

Okay, and then I would have said, I just announced it, now we’re gonna hang up. firing from a distance of 11. 5 metres. Have fun! Please tell me if the tests are too long or too short.

Tell me if you want me to change anything.Write something in the comments, please, and next time I’ll do me a favor.

also lighter.So, two more and that’ll do. You can see for yourselves, a mega good shooting result. Whether 1.5 or 2 centimeters, it doesn’t matter.

Even the one runaway I made up there, he’s still going under the 1 Euro piece.You can see the precision of the gun, it’s just incredible, really good.

And when you have a red dot, you can shoot with merciless precision. Personally, I’d never get this done without it. That’s for sure. Maybe I’m just too untrained there. Please write me your experiences in the commentary. How well you shoot with the air gun. I’d just really like to know. Did I promise too much? 11. 5 metres away, easily disappears under a euro piece. You see, this is a really cool combination of a high-quality red dot and from my View of one of the best leisure air pistols ever. You can shoot really horny and really precise with it.

Okay, I’ve told you a lot now.I hope the video wasn’t too long for you.

But I think the air pistol is worth it, I think the SigSauer red dot is worth it.And I think for someone who wants to spend money, on his hobby, and just good advice I think that was appropriate enough. So, who still has not enough now, on my channel there are, stand now, still 175 further Videos you can watch.

I would be very happy, if you just recommend me to others, if you would like to watch my videos.or just jerk off, log in to YouTube, check the box under the video if you like it, thumbs up, leave a Comment.

This is very important to the algorithm, and I am of course happy when the range, and therefore simply my reward for the videos.I’m just happy about that. Okay, thank you very much for watching! That was a long one today.

Thank you for your time! See you next time!


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