Teens On Guns in America

Gun Safety for Teens

There are cardinal rules of gun safety. Guns are a big part of our culture in America. Fire! Hands up! Don’t shoot! Hands up! I feel like America is infatuated with guns. Go ahead. Make my day A girl in our group coined the term “lockdown generation. ” No other generation has had this fear. We’ve dealt with it our whole lives. I’m like, ‘Hey, like I’m not doing this stuff. ’ What about, like, the responsible, like, middle-of-the-road people? We’re the next generation that’s going to kind of take over everything. Like, to listen to, like, what we think should happen next is important because that’s the only way for us all to grow as, like, a country.

Attention all units in district 15: possible shots fired at 5901 Pine Island Road at Stone man Douglas High School. We begin our program with broken hearts in yet another American town. Reports of a shooting with multiple injuries at Marjory Stone man Douglas High School. There’s no words to describe how I feel right now. I lost eight friends Another very sad day in America. So what do everyday Americans think? Gun laws do not make themselves. Failure of epic proportions. When I saw it on TV it really scared me, that I would just move on my with my life after something that tragic happened. Like, 17 people’s lives were taken, and then two days later I turned on the TV again and I saw Emma Gonzalez.

So it’s time to start doing something. So my sister and I were like, ‘We’re going to be do something about it this time. ’ We started a group called Helena Youth Against Gun Violence. And so we planned a school walkout, a March For Our Lives on March 24, and we’ve continued to be pretty active in the community since then. After the Parkland shooting, the media, they made it seem like every youth in this country, you know, was in support of gun control. Enough is enough. It’s not just about Stone man Douglas. It’s about every school. And that’s just kind of where I stepped up and kind of just said, ‘You know, no.’ We have a voice.  Let’s remember why we are here today. We are here to advocate for the Second Amendment and the millions of responsible gun owners in the United States. In the next couple weeks I plan on getting my concealed carry permit.

You know, if you had asked me a year ago if I was going to be a, you know, a pro-gun advocate, I would have said you know, no. I want to maybe, you know, run for like a local office here in the state. It feels good, you know, to be a part of something. I was just shot at my school. I’m sorry? I was just shot at my school. This is an NBC News special report. High school on lockdown after yet another school shooting. The two students have been hit. Potentially saved a great number of lives. We are not trying to take your guns. Anti-gun, anti-freedom narrative. Conspiracy content.

Crisis actor. Right wing conspiracy theories. All the adults are like, ‘Well there’s no point in you doing this. Like, this is dumb. Like, you don’t have a say. ’ It’s not to prove people wrong — it’s for change. My cousin who’s really close to me a while ago was in a school shooting and she just, she still has medical problems from what happened. It’s just really important for me today to, like, do things that she can’t and speak for the people who can’t. I’m dedicating my energy and my youth and my future to be an activist for gun violence because I don’t want anyone to experience what I had to go through. Sadly I’m going to be scarred and, you know, I still wake up to gunshots and screaming, and it’s going to be a process.

This is the start of an evolution, a start of change, because we’re the generation of change I’m like hey, like, I’m not doing this stuff. What about, like, the responsible, like, middle-of-the-road people? if you get there before the woods are awake, like all the mist and the fog and everything and the birds just start chirping and stuff. I don’t know. There’s just a peace.


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