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The Sinking City | Rotten Reality – Gameplay Trailer

The Sinking City | Rotten Reality – Gameplay Trailer

I’m Charles Reed, private detective. I’ve come here for some answers. The visions have been getting worse. I believe the source of this madness is
here, in Oakmont. This city is short on everything, except dirt, rain, and things that wanna kill you. I want… none of this to be real.

100 comments on “The Sinking City | Rotten Reality – Gameplay Trailer

  1. I was so freaking excited for this game and then I saw the Epic Game logo. I guess I will watch game play videos first before I decide to buy it. and by the time it comes out on steam, it should have most bugs fixed. At least that is something. Still looks amazing and cant wait for it to come out

  2. Any chance this is going to be released on Steam?
    I'd like to buy it, but epic literally will not let me – they don't accept paypal as a payment processor.

  3. #Frogwares considering all the (preorder content,dlc, extra costumes) The Sinking City has will there be a re-release "definitive edition" later on!?

  4. Rotten reality is that this game is an 'epic fail store' exclusive… shame, I was realy looking forward for this game

  5. Honestly this is the game I've been waiting for the most this year. It looks really good, and I like seeing non AAA game companies to put out great games to keep the industry on it's toes. I just hope it is as good as I think it'll be.

  6. No steam release? No Preorder, a shame as this looks great although as an older game i can wait until the price drops after release anyway ;D

  7. Guys, take more time if needed, but pleeease deliver the goods. So many Cthulhu games failed, also I'm scared because of that Vampyr title, so much hype and then "meh" semi-flop.

  8. Дякую за неймовірну гнітючу атмосферу! Дякую за високий рівень виконання! І за українську мову у грі величезне спасибі! Люблю вас.

  9. Выглядит довольно интересно и уже давно в списке желаемого. Куплю, когда выйдет в Steam.
    P.S. Эсклюзивность для эпического говномагазина это очередной минус в вашу карму.

  10. Ребята, следим за вашей работой, ждем! Очень прошу как фанат Лавкрафта – проработайте сюжет! Даже если будет слабый геймплей и глюки, хороший сценарий все вытянет.

  11. Would have been nice if I could have bought it on a pc storefront I am happy using. Oh well, just gonna have to wait a little longer I suppose………

  12. 1:21

    That's just nasty man. Lovecraft was about subtlety. This creature is too disgusting to be in this game. Quarter crab, quartar spider, half human?

    Come on man, don't gross your audience out. It's suposed to be horror. This is just disgusting nastyness.

  13. I’m SO looking forward to play this game… I’m still in love with Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth, and I hope this title will live up to the Cthulhu game I love the most!
    The hype is real.

  14. Cahf ah nafl mglw'nafh hh' ahor syha'h!

    (Translate from cthulhu language: Oh shit here we go again!)

  15. This might be the first game that nails the lovecraftian horror aspects. Lovecrafts work is hard to translate into a medium other than literature because so much of it relies on the gaps you have to fill in yourself, but this looks really promising to me!

  16. Fix the wooden walk animation, and what is this shapeless backpack? I know this is authentic and all, but seriously?)

  17. Ждем с нетерпением. Обожаю творчество Лавкрафта и все что сделано в его стиле

  18. Виглядає шикарно. Дуже сподіваюся на успішний реліз!
    Окреме дякую за українські субтитри.

  19. Awesome looking game, but not from the epic store. I'll wait, thanks. Exclusivity on an open platform stinks worse than rotten Old Ones' flesh. Sink beneath the waves, epic.

  20. its always like that the trailer looks doope then when u get the game its trash…..

    《 Call of cthulhu was one of them and vampyer to -_-

  21. выглядит гораздо атмосфернее той поделки, что недавно вышла!

  22. I would be cautious. Call of Cthulu had also good trailers and all and turned out like it came out in 2005, pure shit of a game. I somehow get similar vibe here. I do wish it would be awesome though.

  23. Epic store exclusive crap thank you for kicking your steam fanbase in the nuts after you litterally lied to us.

  24. Patch 1.0 – 15gb coming day 2 after release when game dont work properly on the first day

  25. Looks like an amazing artistic tour de force.

    So, what additional gameplay and/or story improvements have been made since the prior release date was delayed ?

    I ask because I used to play the old paper and dice Call of Cthulhu RPG way back when in the 1990's, and I'd really like to see some proper justice done to the genre.

  26. 1:06 ok, that's really cool.

    Please take more time with the game is needed, no need to rush things for them to end up “half done´´

    Expecting great things from The Sinking City.

  27. I really wanted to buy, then I saw EGS logo. Pass untill steam release. I has a sad now, as I love HP{ Lovecraft and all thing like it. But timed exclusives is something I will not condone.

  28. This looks really good, like genuinely good. Those underwater sections will be a nightmare for me though.. Also kudos for the people who made the trailer and didn't add some last second jumpscare or sudden loud noise.

  29. the game looks amazing. but it hurts me that its on the epic store exclusively for a whole year…. ill still buy it. just in a year on steam.

  30. Game is amazing but that small bugs and octobus is aint well.but graphics and as like 19thcentury game is nice.

  31. I just learned that this now an epic store exclusive…too bad I was really looking for to play this game 🙁

  32. Is it possible to upgrade my physical pre-order with the necronomicon edition content? Id love to have the map, but I dont want to miss out on these promising sidemissions! 🙁 Please consider making an upgrade possible!

  33. Сьогодні придбав вашу гру, сподіваюсь, українська локалізація буде одразу доступна! Гра виглядає суперово!

  34. well, i guess alot of people are not gonna get this game on release, but will wait untill 2020, since steam still shows it on their site, just hope the game survives that long.

  35. Well done with the Epic games exclusive… In this way the only thing you will get will be the Epic Games money, and the real players' hatred

  36. Looks very intriguing.. Just pre ordered day one edition.. Can't wait to see what horrific fascinating things ya have in store for us..

  37. Guess whats releases tomorrow?
    Right! The Patch 8.2 in World of Warcraft.
    That’s pretty sad. Because the last two month was pretty silence. No Videogames released and nothing to do in World of Warcraft.
    Now I have Heavy Rain and WoW.
    This delay was just stupid. Everytime there are new games. But at the time there was literally no releases, you decided to delay the release to a time with many releases because there were too many releases at the further date? Huh?
    Such a garbage decision.
    Now we have summer and many other Games.

    Sorry I won’t buy the game yet. And I‘ll probably buy the game at a reseller.

    Stupid marketing decision deserves less sells. And this was one of the most stupid marketing decision in the Gaming Industrie since Square Enix decided to release a Trailer for a game, that isn’t even in development (FF7R)

  38. Come on guys, by going to epic, youre losing money. Sure. You get a higher percent of pay, but with less people buying your games, youre getting less money overall than you would with steam or GoG. There is no monetary reason why any dev should choose epic, as you will always get more money from steam. 88% of 1mil will always be less than 70% of 2 million.

  39. Poor story building, poor character design and function and of course, poor action. Another game too focused on building their game to resemble another action game. Characters look out of place; little to no facial movement, stories and dialogue lack appeal or drive. Action sequences are ham fisted and bland. Poor pacing is another huge issue, honestly I could not see anyone who has not already been introduce to Lovecraft enjoying this game, let alone those who have as literary references are again, ham fisted. Arduous and buggy, not prevalent to source material and at times very edgy. We get it, you wanted to portray madness and persecution, but just didn’t hit the nail on the head….or at all 3/10

  40. real horror is not in the game. It exists around feminisic fascism, that runs almost in all countries.

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