Training Teachers to Carry Guns in School

Gun Safety With Children

You have to be very cautious of gun safety with children. Well that active killer is in that classroom, that teacher can either have a pencil or they can have a gun. Okay guys, stand up. No I think I did okay. It’s my first like live shooter simulation you know so hopefully next time it’ll be better. Those teachers that want that protection to use the fire over to school we provide the training certification for them to do that. One of the most visceral reactions to the recent shooting in parkland Florida was to give teachers guns and it’s an idea that has divided the United States so I’ve come to Arlington Texas to follow a group of teachers getting trained to carry a gun in their classrooms and really the question I have is a visceral one as well guns, teachers, can they really go together? The three questions of when you have to decide according to state law to shoot what are they? Do I have to do it? Do I have to do it now? Is there anything else I can do or I will die or be seriously injured? right This is Brian Proctor he was a police officer for 20years.

Now retired he’s one of the only people in the country qualified to train teachers to defend their schools with guns. There are killers in our environment, they will find the weakest people to be able to kill the ones that are the most defenseless and they will go after them. If you called 911, the killings already started you’ve got to have someone there when it starts to be able to mitigate that damage. And these, are the volunteers for the job among Brian students there’s Norman Rangel, he’s a principal. Jermaine chambers, football coach and JC Daly is a librarian at a high school. Now each of them is already licensed to carry a gun but to carry at school they need to pass this training and get permission from their school board. First I mean JC Daly. Well I believe in the Second Amendment.

I believe we have a right to defend ourselves. I believe that if somebody is attacking us you know we don’t just sit and huddle. I mean we actually have skills in armed powered in this country to defend ourselves. It was JC’s idea to take this course, she volunteered and part of her motivation she tells me is that she has two kids of her own. You know as a parent I would be you know I would at least want to know that my kids teacher was carrying a gun.Questions? No. Alright. Now the teaching here is done through pretend scenarios, with a killer trying to enter the classroom. Cease fire, cease fire So this is what they’re shooting the training rounds to about ten times as powerful as paintball rounds they actually do shoot they heard that’s what people are wearing these.

Now it’s JC’s turn. Questions? Omm, no. Go, go, go You’ve ever been that stressed? No. How’s your heart-rate? Oh it’s really high my hands are shaking my heart’s pounding. I can my voice is shaking I can feel it. After seeing how shaken JC is I wonder how realistic it is to ask teachers to go after shooters in school but Bryan says that’s not what he’s trying to do. The goal is not to find and go after the shooter the goal is to protect the kids in their care in that classroom that they have control over. Go, go, go Let’s see how other teachers do. Here’s Germain’s scenario. I coach football those are my son’s. Those are my boys out there I treat them like Mikey so if something comes in I feel that it’s my job to protect them all.

How was that? Yeah it’s out a big gun come in and you just protect them shoot aim for the base. You can have that or you can have a pencil. Pencil, what a pencil going to do? I mean, that’s what Parker found out too. What occurs to me and as incredible as it sounds, the goal of the training is for the teachers to control the adrenalin rush. The fear to be cool under pressure. The next part of getting teachers ready happens here they each have to show that they can shoot accurately. But can you ever be ready to face a gunman? Do you think your students are these teachers are ready, if something happens if someone comes into their school with a with an ar-15? I think nobody’s ready for that.

I don’t think anybody’s really for that. I’ve been in combat situations I’m telling you I’m never ready for that but you have to realize that there’s no great solution. There’s just a better response So what’s the plan here? So basically what we’re going to do is the plan is we’re going to set up these targets. We’re going to shoot about 200 rounds now these 200 rounds I want to see a good percentage of them in the bad guy not missed off the target and not in our good kid. What if they fail? What if they fail? If you cannot get a good shot don’t pull it off. I don’t care if you’re left with ammo and the gun. I don’t. JC tells me she understands full well but taking your gun into her school is controversial. Well school it’s traditionally a safe place I mean it’s where innocence is you know it’s our children.

To me I feel like it’s my job to protect that innocence you know to protect those kids that are in my care. Line is ready. Make your gun safe okay so here’s how this runs out. Everybody here pass the proficiency, according to the department of Public Safety, you’ve pass the proficiency. So how do y’all feel? I need more practice. Not satisfied. If you are not satisfied with it I’m a happy person. Because what would I be satisfied with if I was the one shooting this?100%100%, that’s what I would be satisfied for What do you Wow what do you think? Well it’s not very good. When I first came up and looked a tit of course I looked at my missus but not knowing what those meant and then I looked at that precious little baby with all of the holes in his head. I mean I obviously did some damage to that guy too but I need I need some practice is what I think.

Does it make it real does it make it more real looking at that like seeing a kid and holes? Well yeah, absolutely. I have seven year old boys so they’re about that size for sure. It just made it real. It’s a big responsibility, it’s a big responsibility. Nick mentioned how this issue has divided the country. A survey by the Pew Research Center found 45% percent of American adults support arming teachers in schools. The other 55%percent against that.

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