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Vince Staples’ Summertime In The City: Noisey Raps

Vince Staples’ Summertime In The City: Noisey Raps

100 comments on “Vince Staples’ Summertime In The City: Noisey Raps

  1. Any one else thinks Vince staples Looks and sounds a lot like Kenny brooks (YouTubes funniest door to door salesman/comedian) when he says Omarion

  2. He rarely ever cracks a smile and has the same serious expression on his face for the most part, but still manages to be funny as hell, sarcastic, deadpan and raps about the serious struggles of his personal life all at the same time. It's gonna be a while before the world figures Vince out

  3. Maybe no one will ever tell you Vince:
    When you shake a persons hand, you look them in the eyes.
    Out of respect & good manners.

  4. "We talking about gender equality, touching all the issues man. That's what we're about. We talk about the discontinuation of the Beats XL Pill man that's what we about touching all the issues that are important to us"

  5. From reading all this comments,i think i might be the only one who thought he was boring as hell….

  6. For those that not heard my recent track 'Sunshine Avenue' 
    (free download)
    Show Support People!🎧

  7. i hate seeing videos of my fav people in NYC because i feel so excluded. like i could've been like a block away from vince and i wouldn't have fucking known. it gives me real anxiety 😓😭😂

  8. "…get a lil bit of acknowledgement, you know, work some more. You know we small fish in this pond but we workin". Big Fish Theory comes out June 23rd. This guy has come a loooong way from LBC and stayed real af. Fwh.

  9. "oh its lit you just handing them out? im bout to buy me cuz, a pack of swishers, and dont smoke them."

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