Why You miss even with perfect Aim.


picture this you’re on the range it’s a gorgeous day there’s hardly any wind you line up your sights to the middle of that bulls eye you squeeze the trigger and you take a beautiful shot and you miss how the heck did that happen when you think and you’re sure that you took a perfect shot well don’t be so sure because there is a way that you can miss even though your sights are lined up perfectly to the target in this video

I’m going to show you why you can miss even though your sights are perfectly aligned and of course how to avoid it this is Kirsten joy Weiss and I might have burst your bubble that a perfectly aligned shot does not always equal a perfectly centered shot in the bullseye but don’t worry in this video obviously I’m going to show you what to do what causes it and how to avoid it before we go any further this teaching segment is made possible by the war gaming team who created

the game World of Tanks Warner Brothers partnered with them for Christopher Nolan’s movie about Dunkirk I’m pretty excited about it so there will be more on that at the end of the video but for now let’s keep going now why is it that you can have a seemingly perfect shot yet still miss the target well it might have to do with something that most shooters don’t even think about and that is gun cant what’s gun cant that’s when you tilt the gun either right or left from your center line of how you originally sighted in your gun if you tilt your gun to the left or the right after being sighted with it perfectly vertical it will displace the bullet sometimes by a few inches sometimes by a few feet so you want to pay attention now take a rifle for example with a scope mounted on top now this can happen with other guns and this can happen with iron sights but a scope is going to be abetter visual for you to understand this concept now you sighted in vertically with the scope mounted vertically now what the scope does is it actually compensates for the elevation of the trajectory of a bullet well what does that mean not everybody knows that a bullet does not slide straight it actually has a trajectory that sort of lobs into the target now an exaggerated visual for this would be a cannon or a tank where they’re shooting their projectiles and they’re moving and they have to lob that into the target

if they just shoot straight it’s going to go right into the ground is going tolob and go “phht” its not going to make it because we live on a planet with gravity and gravity will affect the projectile so it’s the same concept with a bullet it’s just not as exaggerated but it still matters your bullet goes like this and your sights actually point down towards the target so you’re essentially like acannon or a tank lifting the end of your barrel up so it lobs that round into the target


so you have this crossed line where the point of impact meets your scope cross hairs and it’s just this perfect little marriage between the two but when you tilt it that’s where you get problems if you start tilting your gun to the right tilt your gun to the right like that your bullet is actually going to go low and to the right if you tilt your gun to the left it’s going togo low and to the left why is this well because instead of going now you’re you’re actually tilting on a pivot point basically when you lob that the trajectory is now no longer that scope is no longer compensating for that trajectory completely [ Scope no longer compensates for gravity the same essentially acts as a wind age error]


now a few things that exaggerate this is if you mount the optics very high the higher the optic the more this tilt is going to affect your shot and also if you are shooting at a long distance very thing is exaggerated or if you’re shooting 22 precision at 50 meters it’s all very exaggerated as well pistol it’s a good thing to remember this but it’s not as essential because most pistol distances are very close compared to rifle distances so you don’t have to worry unless you’re doing say long range longer ranges of pistol so it has a lot to do with the size round you have and has a lot to do with the distance the size of your target the distance your targets at [ballistics, round weight, velocity, precision required, etc] there’s a lot of different factors and so in order to not confuse you.

we’re going to move on to how to fix this problem so how do you avoid this little mistake that adds up to big problems well we stay consistent that’s pretty much the key with everything with shooting stay consistent you set your rifle vertically keep the rifle vertically if you set your rifle with a cant because some shooters cant the rifle into themselves in order to keep the rifle into their body zone they need to stay consistent too because if they start canting then it’s going to be all messed upmost people think well I’ll just line up the reticle to the horizon and then I know that I’m consistent well even a one degree tilt left or right can affect the shot does affect the shot it just depends on what you’re after so if you have something down range you know is straight great but if you don’t like most people then it’s a problem the best way to do it is really to use a bubble level and that’s something that they use in building where they’re trying to get something plumb

they use this little spirit level bubble level also used in photography and shooting and there’s a whole bunch of options for this and maybe I’ll put some in the description but just find what works for you and what works best for your setup that’s going to be your best option you want to keep that shooter error that human error you want to shrink it down and shrink it down and shrink it down until you know that there’s a not a lot of factors that are going to make you miss when there’s other factors you can’t control added into your shooting like wind you’re going to thank me so what’s causing you to miss even though it looks like you made a perfect shot it could be gun cant so be careful about how you’re tilting that gun even if it’s a centimeter off depending on what you’re after that can mean the difference between making your shot and missing your shot so I hope that you enjoyed this tip and that I made you a better shooter if you have a friend who might enjoy https://shootingaim.com/feyachi-reflex-red-dot-sight-review

this as well please share it with them because it’s always more fun toshoot when you know how to shoot before you go I want to tell you a little bi tabout World of Tanks and Warner Brothers Christopher Nolan’s movie about Dunkirk and I can’t wait to watch this movie you hear about Dunkirk if you know anything about World War two but you don’t know the stories behind it

how miraculous this really was one of the biggest evacuations of military history there were heroes rallied up their boats they were yachts and fishermen and that enthusiastically went to rescue these troops that were stranded on this beach by the Germans if these troops had not been evacuated the war could have ended quite differently in World War two technology and the vehicles of the time really decided a lot of the battles when you play

World of Tanks you can actually pick the different tanks of world war two and I’m a secret gamer so it’s really exciting as well you can actually get into tanks and role play and strategize it’s so involved it’s tons of game play it’s a hundred and fifty million people online playing this and 450 tanks so you’re going to find something you like so check out the description of this video for links to all of that and also a code that allows the first 300 people that sign up seven days of premium time, a premium tank and a bunch of gold https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/30/us/alabama-woman-marshae-jones.html


who doesn’t love gold so that’s a good way to get started check out the game see if you like it see if it’s up to par honoring World War two its important and it just generates interest and we remember the heroes of that day so thanks so much for joining me aim true and happy shooting can’t can affect – cant can – so special tanks to the world of tanks I want to say a special tanks to the world of tanks okay.


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