Working with Guns

Working with Guns

Now a revolver is an old faithful which date back probably one of the first hand guns ever made. They vary in size and caliber. The old west days had revolvers which were normally 45 caliber revolvers. The difference between a semi-auto and a revolver is a revolver has a cylinder that holds rounds. Normally anywhere from five to six rounds. It’s cylindrical shaped and it’s normally double action only which means as fast as you can pull the trigger rounds will come out. It also has a manual where you can manually pull the trigger back with your thumb and release the hammer with the trigger by pulling it which makes it almost like single action. The revolver still has its place in the communities of law enforcement and military.

It’s a very reliable fire arm. But when we move onto the 40 caliber. This one I stated earlier holds approximately anywhere from five to six rounds. This 40 caliber semi-automatic right here can hold approximately twelve rounds in a magazine plus one round in the chamber which would give you approximately thirteen rounds. This is a favorite of law enforcement and military in the growing times of the violence that needs to be quails shetter officer or someone get into a situation I guess their theory was more rounds the better. So also this one has a working slide. Every time around is fired the gas is blowed, you know cause a combustion which causes this slide to go to the rear and as it comes forward it cycles another round into the barrel which means its ready to fire again.

And again this one here has thirteen rounds. The look of a revolver and a semi-auto are totally different. There are some features on a semi-automatic that you would probably never find on a revolver. But again both reliable weapons. It basically depends on a person’s preference.

Fighting Homophobia with Bullets

We’re arming up to fight back against violent homophobia with serious fire power. What we are seeing is an absolute epidemic of violence against the LGBTQ community. And it will only get worse. We see the gambit here, we are a large city and we do have crime. Shootings and stabbings do occur. I don’t want to get beaten to death and stabbed and burnt alive. I want a gun to feel equal. He kicked him over 30 times in his chest and his back and his head. Nothing’s going to bring him back. 2017 saw 52 gay-hate murders across America. That’s one person killed every week because they’re gay. Gays that are armed and trained don’t get bashed, or worse get killed. But now there’s a growing legion of gays, lesbians, transgender men and women fighting back. You want to try it? -I’m shaking. -Beautiful! We’re not just going to sit back and allow people to impose their will upon us. Because, you fuck up that’s going to be your ass.

Weapons or Tools?

I study how gun owners become gun owners. We might think of gun ownership as something that one naturally is, people just are gun owners. I have spent about 200 hours taking classes at a firearms academy. These are places where people, more than just learning how to use guns, they actually learn how to think about the world in a way that enables them to use guns, to become gun owners. And three things stand out in the process for me. First, people learn to need guns. And the way that this is done, in part, is by developing a sense of fear. People are taught that the gun is the solution to these fears.

While you learn to be afraid of the world, you learn to not be afraid of guns. So, teachers teach students this line: “The gun is not a weapon, it’s a tool, it’s a tool like a hammer, it’s a tool like a rake. ” The National Riffle Association specifically prohibit their instructors from using the word “weapon” when they’re teaching. Georgia calls their conceal carry permits a “weapons carry license”. I don’t like that name at all. I carry a firearm, a tool used for self defense. So, what people are taught, is a way to think about, what they call, bad guys, the people who are dangerous in the world, people who may cause violence to you or a family member, in a such a way, that the way to respond to those people is by killing them.


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